Migrate from ELK to ECK - roles, role_mappings


We are migrating ELK Version 7.17.0 to ECK Version 7.17.0 and we want to automate as much as we can the setup of the cluster. Is there a way whilst provisioning the ECK in the yaml manifets or init scripts we create custom roles and custom role_mappings so when we restore from ELK - their is less manual overhead ?



We fully support the Elasticsearch file realm in ECK Users and roles | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.6] | Elastic.

Its not possible to run a bash script which connects with api and create the roles ? Once elasticsearch starts ? If it is possible can you give me an example where and how we can implement it ? Thanks a lot

Hello @Thibault_Richard,

This article caters only for roles, whilst we need to export and import role_mappings also

For advanced configurations like role mappings, there is:
Elastic Stack configuration policies | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.7] | Elastic.

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