ECK and AD authentication for KIbana

Anyone got this working? I am not familiar enough to guess what the config that needs to be added to the containers should look like and where to put it. Any samples would be very welcome thank you.

@bigdamhero have you seen the docs here: ?

You'd place that configuration in the config section of the spec as described here:

Thank you for this. That did point me in the right direction. If I could expand on the original question, what about the role mapping file? I'm not sure how to incorporate that into the ECK deployment.

Since ECK 1.1.0, you can create custom roles using the file-based role management by referencing Kubernetes secrets containing the roles specification:

Of all the many documents I've read from elastic the last few weeks while learning this stuff, I've never seen that page. Looks pretty straightforward. Thank you for your guidance! I'll give it a shot.