Customize the message "No results found"

Is it possible in Kibana to customize the message "No results found" that you get when a visualization does not have data? I would like to put some text explaining the reasons why you are not getting results.
Any other suggestion is welcomed. Thanks.

Hi @michele_crudele, unfortunately that's not possible at the moment. Are you wanting to customize the "no results" message per visualization, or globally? Either way, sounds interesting, we'd be happy to accept a feature request on our Github issue tracker:

Not globally, I would like to customize the "no results" message per visualization.
Any legal idea I can implement in Kibana 4.5 to describe to the user the reasons why a visualization has no data?

You might be able to accomplish this with a hack, but otherwise it'll need to be field as a feature request.

Can you be more specific about the hack that I should write?
Do you want me to file an issue, or can you do that for me?

Hacks basically give you full access to the the page so you can run any arbitrary Javascript you want. I offer that as a suggestion only if you're desperate and don't mind getting down into the weeds.

It would be great if you could file an enhancement request, it's always nice to get the requirements directly from a user. If I file a ticket I may not describe your use case accurately.