Show zero instead of "No Results"

We are building a dashboard to visualize the performance of our transaction processing servers. One of the things we want to see visualized is whether we have any timeouts (which, for us, is a transaction that doesn't finish processing within 3.5 seconds). Setting up a line graph or a gauge for that is easy enough to do and works fine. However, it doesn't look great visually to have it say "No results found :|" when there haven't been any timeouts. We'd much rather show the graph or gauge with a zero instead. Is there any way to force Kibana to behave in this way? I've been unable to find any information on this so far.

There's currently no way to customize the "no results found" message, but that seems like a great idea. If you had the ability to specify that text, would that solve your problem? If so, could you please open up a feature request and cross-link it here? I'll make sure it's labeled appropriately so our visualizations engineers can work on it.


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