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Hi guys,

I'm new in the Elasticsearch and Kibana topic.
Currently I'm creating statistics for my company and I'd like to show the currently running processes of that.

My problem is that our system sometimes doesn't send new data and then the "No results found :frowning:"-phrase is displayed.

Is there a possibility to display the empty plot with the x-/y-axis instead of the "No results found"-phrase? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thank you for support in advanced. :blush:

(Marius Dragomir) #2

On what Kibana page is this happening? You can change the auto-refresh interval to something that suits your data ingestion schedule and/or increase the time interval in which you're looking at data (for example from Last 15 minutes to Last hour)


It happens in the Visualize part with a bar chart. I know this is because no data are send in the timerange.
But the problem I want to solve is to display a empty diagram instead of "no results found" and if data came up, the bars increase and decrease.
Changing the auto refresh or the displayed time will not solve the problem because I only want to display the data which "now" came up. If there are no, I want an empty chart with the x-/y-axes.

I know this may be confusing and my English also is not the best. :confused:

I know you do your best to help me. Thanks for that :pray:


Is there no solution? :cry:

(Shrawan Bhagwat) #5


By default if there's no data in ES, kibana UI will display "no results found" only.

if you want to show empty chart you can probably try to send the x and y axis fields with default value i.e.0.

you can try this.



Thanks Shrawan :confetti_ball:,
But that means to store many data I don't need.
Isn't there any other solution?

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