Showing a gauge for an empty result set

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I'm new to the ELK stack but have been getting along pretty well with it until I hit this problem.

I'm trying to create a dashboard which will show gauges to display rates of different kinds of errors that have occured recently in our logs. As such I've created a timeless index pattern so that I can have gauge visualisations with built in time periods, so searches such as "message:'deadlock victim' AND @timestamp:[now-30m TO now]" to search for deadlock errors in the past 30 minutes. The gauge uses the Count aggregation.

This seems to work well unless there have been no deadlocks in the past 30 minutes, in which case I get a bemused smiley :expressionless: and "No results found". I would prefer to see a gauge showing 0 results.

I'm using version 5.5.0 of Kibana and Elasticsearch. This issue appears to have been noticed before but it also appears to have been fixed in 4.5.0, so I don't know why I'm seeing it now.

Original issue:

4.5.0 Release notes:


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@Mark_O_Brien this is a regression from previous versions, if you wouldn't mind filing a bug in GitHub we'll see what we can do to get it resolved:

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Thanks Brandon.

Issue opened here:

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