Memory Gauge is not showing up the data for last 15 or 30 Minutes in kibana. For some dashboards it does show

ELK 7.17.3
Kibana - 7.17.3

Please let me know how to solve this issue of Memory gauge where it does not show values for last 15 minutes or 30 minutes. when i click on edit the memory gauge , i can see the values, but when i save it .. it does'nt show up the values .

can anyone have a fix for this issue. it is really frustrating that we always get empty value on the memory or cpu guages

When i select "Entire range" it doesnt show the actual value of memory used or the cpu used percentage.. it gives a wrong impression on the data collected by ELastic search

Hi @AKAM14

You're going to have to provide more detail.

There are many dashboards with many memory gauges etc

Please be explicit provide the name of the dashboard, the name of the metric gauge,

What did you use to collect the metrics? Metric beat or elastic agent ?

please provide screenshots etc. We can't help if we can't see.

Let us know if you've customized anything?

What happens if you do 1 hour or 2 hours?

I have created dashboards for every application. where we are showing up memory and cpu utilization through gauges and graphs. The data is collected through metric beat.
ELK Version is 7.17.3 and Metric beat version is also 7.17.3 Kibana version is 7.17.3

When i look at memory gaugesin dashboard for 15 mints data interval , it shows empty , and we have to keep refreshing to have the data populated .

In the panel settings.. i have chose last value .. if i select this option.. mostly it is empty .. while i select the Entire range in panel settings it shows up the data ..

Attached the screenshots

I have issue with cpu usage and memory usage gauges . attached screenshot of cpu gauges and settings

This happens because last value mode is chosen for this chart. Last value means that it is going to render the data for the last bucket (the buckets are defined by the interval). So if data are not ingested for this bucket then you will see 0, if yes then you will see the data. These charts are causing confusion to many users. You can change it in entire timerange if it makes sense for you. In general we don't recommend the last value mode but only on very specific cases.

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. thanks for the reply. My concern is the last value is more realistic than the entire range value.. which is way off the mark.. when you look at cpu or memory values for 15 or 30 minutes

What you can use is either last value but without auto, give an interval that makes sense, or use the entire timerange and when you embed it in a dashboard you can set a specific timerange for this particular visualization (the last 30 mins for example)

sure , i will try out the first option.

thank you

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