Problem CPU Usage Gauge

Hello, I have configured metricbeats from windows and for the part of memory use or CPU use, sometimes when it refreshes it shows me all the GAUGE in green without a usage metric


some samaritan who can guide me, so that it always shows the percentage indicator and that it does not show like the previous image


Edit the visualization and set Last Value and Drop Last Bucket to Yes... it should be set but it looks like it is not for some of the visualizations


ok, thank you very much stephenb

Hi Stephenb
I hope you are well

A question ? Why when I enable the Drop Last bucket option after a while it is disabled? I have the following permissions (superuser, kibana_admin, Report_User)

can you support me


First to be clear this is a forum not support, but we are happy to help where / when we can.

Are you saving the visualization?

I suspect what is happening is that you or someone is running metricbeat setup again and it is overwriting the changes that you made to the visualization. It is a bug in the visualization which you are manually fixing... then most likely you are uploading / setup the orginally visualization again.

That is my guess.

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