Display custom message when no data in visualization

I work on a project where I don't have data for a specific visualization during half the month. I would like my visualization to show a custom message that I put in more than "no data".
Is it possible?

Hello @philippeE

Which version of the Elastic stack are you using?

Have you looked at using Canvas? https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/canvas-function-reference.html#containerStyle_fn

sorry for the late reply.
I'm using elastixsearch and kibana 7.3. We did not look at canvas cause we thougth it was only for presentation(PPT) purposes. Do you think we can solve the issue with it?

It depends upon your needs. I think it may solve the problem but introduce other concerns if you have dashboards and visualizations that also need to be shown at the same time.

For context: The visualization I'm talking about is in a dashboard of six visualizations. It is the only one that can have empty data and therefore display the string.

So yes I need it to remain in the dashboard. I looked at canvas documentation and from what I understood it won't solve my issue cause I need all the visualizations to be displayed at the same time.

I guess that since you told me about canvas that there is no way to do it directly on my visualization(or in the dashboard)?

Le lun. 2 mars 2020 à 19:05, Matthew Kime via Discuss the Elastic Stack elastic@discoursemail.com a écrit :

If it needs to stay in the dashboards then its unfortunately not possible. Canvas provides some functionality that would be useful but that would mean migrating a number of visualizations to their canvas equivalents.

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