Customizing colors in Kibana 4 widgets

We have a new requirement to highlight certain events in red to highlight them - is it possible to do that using the standard toolset?! Is customization of Kibana widgets possible - could you override the way certain things look, color scheme, highlights?! Is creation of new widgets possible in Kibana?

How do I highlight certain events in a list of events based on some conditions that I specify?

No, Its not possible - I think a certain level of customization is coming in KB 4.3 - Color palette selection

There is also this Advanced setting that is coming in 4.2 (already in master):

Am looking forward to this - just waiting for a non-beta release. :grinning:

I have downloaded and installed the Kibana 4.0.0 and have migrated my visualizations there. I was hoping to find the additional Color Mapping options available in this release, but the only thing I found was on the Dashboards - it gives a choice to select "Dark Theme".... was hoping there is more options to control the color selection. I thought some of those choices would be available in R4.0.0 - did I misunderstand?

Do you mean you downloaded Kibana 4.2? Then you should look for an advanced setting to associate a particular metric with a color called "colorMapping":

The real UI-driven color palette selection is coming later.

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No, Tanya, I downloaded and installed Kibana 4.0.0 from elastic site. I didn't see anything higher than that available for download....

Download Kibana 4.2.0, which is at the very top of the download page.