Customizing Kibana 5.1.2 -- e.g. hide visualization, collapse sidebar by default

As title, we're getting to customize Kibana 5.1.2, are there ways to

  1. hide visualization -- is it possible to hide some kibana provided visualizations and kibana vis plugins we developed to users. These plugins are still loaded but just not display on the UI? we are trying to prevent users adding them to dashboards.

  2. collapse sidebar by default -- currently is extended after loading by default, is it possible to collapse it by default -- to have more space for dashboards.


  1. You can completely remove visualizations by not registering them, This will cause issues if there are already saved visualizations for that visualization type, however..
  2. The state of whether the navigation bar is collapsed/expanded on load is stored in the browser's local storage, there isn't a global configuration to default its position. I think this would make sense as an enhancement request, which can be filed at

Thanks @jbudz.

for 1), I expected something not forking Kibana, either by configuration or at a plugin level..
2), will do the request there..

Thanks again!

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