Making changes to /kibana/src/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover/index.html


I want to make some changes to /usr/share/kibana/src/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover/index.html to remove the discover sidebar (field selection). How can I make the changes made be reflected in Kibana UI? I restarted Kibana as a service, but the changes were not shown.

I read something about needing to install another plugin, but haven't tried it yet.

Many thanks!


Management, Visualize, Discover and Dashboard are not plugins, they are part of Kibana core and currently there is no easy way to hide them. Removing them would be some kind of a hack.

I also found some one had a similar request and it is tracked here:
You may want to subscribe to that issue for further updates.


So would editing usr/share/kibana/src/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover/index.html to remove the element and then restarting Kibana work as a hack? Or am I missing something?

I've done some reading on this and gotten mixed solutions: 1) need to create plugin 2) need to edit Kibana source code (which is what I thought I was doing)

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