Kibana 6.7.2 structure


i'm trying to remove tabs from Kibana interface. Remove all ones except Discover (such as Visualize, Dashboard and others on the left menu). I found a place from which I deleted about 5 tabs, but the rest are not amenable to me.
I just found
import { maps } from './legacy/plugins/maps';
and deleted it and using maps in code below.
Is it right way to deleting all tabs and where I can delete "Dashboard"?

Thank you


If it's possible for you to upgrade to at least 7.2, it sounds like you want feature controls. If upgrading isn't an option, most plugins can be disabled using the syntax: <x-pack (if it's x-pack)>.<app name>.enabled: false in your kibana.yml config file. Using maps as an example, it would xpack.maps.enabled: false.

See if one of these solutions works for you. I can't guarantee that modifying the code as you've done will still allow the app to work as you intend.


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