Disabling unwanted tabs/plugins in Kibana 6.8.3

I am currently using Kibana version 6.8.3. There are few unwanted tabs/plugins that I don't want to be shown on the side menu. Is there any method to turn them off.

The official docs say to execute the following command:

./bin/kibana --<plugin ID>.enabled=false

You can find a plugin’s plugin ID as the value of the name property in the plugin’s package.json file.

I could not find the plugin's package.json file.
Please help.

add the following lines in your kibana.yml file to disable the corresponding plugins:

xpack.monitoring.ui.enabled: false
xpack.graph.enabled: false
xpack.infra.enabled: false
xpack.canvas.enabled: false
xpack.ml.enabled: false
xpack.uptime.enabled: false
xpack.maps.enabled: false
xpack.apm.enabled: false
timelion.enabled: false

For newer versions of Kibana you don't need the xpack prefix for the settings.

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