Kibana 7 Left bar items (Start with only basic menus)

Congrats with the release of 7.0 elasticstack.

I've just installed kibana 7.0.

Is it posible to have a light weight version with only basic functions enabled on the left side bar? I'm only interested in discover, visualizations, dashboards and management for now.

Is it possible to configure kibana 7.0 to start without at least Canvas, Maps, Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Logs, APM, Uptime, Dev Tools and Stack Monitoring enabled?

I'd like to be able to enabled those later (as soon as I have the full functionality) but start with a basic configuration "compatible" with older 6.x kibana feel.

you can disable specific plugins by opening kibana.yml file and adding: false (to disable machine learning)
console.enabled: false (to disable dev tools)

most of the plugins can be disabled this way.

most of those apps are part of our basic license, so starting kibana and elsasticsearch in OSS mode will get rid of most of them:

thanks @ppisljar for your response.

I've downloaded these *-oss packages and I've added the settings you mentioned:

  • The following extra menus on the left side bar: Canvas, Maps, Infrastructure, Logs, APM, Uptime, DevTools and Stack Monitoring.
  • Machine Learning is not appearing anymore
  • DevTools option is still there even if console.enabled: false is in the config
  • Stack Monitoring is still there but the following messages shows on that page:
    "Monitoring is currently off... We checked the cluster defaults settings and found that xpack.monitoring.collection.enabled is set to false"

Is there another way to completely remove those options on the left bar? Thanks.

thats wierd, most of those menus you list are not part of oss, are you sure you are starting the correct instance (of kibana and of elasticsearch) ?

console.enabled: false
xpack.grokdebugger.enabled: false
xpack.searchprofiler.enabled: false

Thanks @ppisljar and @hanyongsheng for your response.

@ppisljar, you are right, I seem to been using the non oss version.
(at least I see in elasticsearch the 'build_flavor' field as 'oss' or 'default' to see which version we are using. Very useful).
Is there a field we can see on kibana as well?

Initial question is solved! All is good using the -oss version mentioned above. Thanks for your support @ppisljar!

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