Disable Management dev-tools

HI at ALL,

who can guide me practically to disable ( only for the user and not for the administrator) the voice of menu items Management and dev-tools.
I'm not very practical with the code and I would kindly like a detailed help as much as possible.
Thank you very much.


The only thing like that we offer right now is Dashboard only mode, which shows only the dashboard app, and none of the other tabs (available in xpack starting in 6.0 - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/6.0/xpack-dashboard-only-mode.html)

Otherwise, there is no way to configure which apps are shown in the left nav based on the user.

We do hope to allow this type of configuration at some point, but when it will be supported is unknown at this time.

as workaround you can delete some rows from index.js file(/kibana/core_plugins/kibana/index.js) that contains links to, for example, developer tools.

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