Disable X-Pack Feature in Kibana


I'm looking at X-Pack Settings in Kibana | Kibana User Guide [6.5] | Elastic

How does one disable app (X-Pack Feature) such as: Canvas, Infrastructure, Logs?

Please advise.

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Why do you want to do that?


I'm running several Kibana instances, I only want to disable some of X-Pack Features features in single instance (not all) as described in above guide (mainly for purpose of not all Kibana users are technical savvy and these features just adds unnecessary confusion to those folks).


You can try the following lines in your kibana.yml :

xpack.infra.enabled: false
xpack.logstash.enabled: false
xpack.canvas.enabled: false


I tried to disable it this way, but that did not work for me(

# grep 'ENABLED=false' docker-compose.override.yml 
                        - XPACK_APM_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_INFRA_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_GRAPH_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_GROKDEBUGGER_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_ML_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_MONITORING_UI_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_CANVAS_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_SEARCHPROFILER_ENABLED=false

Please advise.


I never use env var to configure kibana so I don't known may be there is no env var for xpack. I usually mount my own kibana.yml file in Docker container.


Ok, I wish there was conf.d or similar (like env vars)

(Toby McLaughlin) #8

The environment technique you posted should work. Would you mind posting your complete Compose files?


Is there anything particular you're looking for? I followed Running Kibana on Docker | Kibana User Guide [6.5] | Elastic and add few environment variables (based on my actual environment) such as the one I posted in my topic earlier (nothing fancy).

some of them are working as expected, but some aren't...

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Ah! Some of them are working. I guess XPACK_INFRA_ENABLED and XPACK_CANVAS_ENABLED are not?

They need to be added here.

(Toby McLaughlin) #11

This patch enables the options for environment-based config.

If you're interested, you can try an image with this patch applied:


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