X-pack settings for x-pack features


I change respective setting(s) to false, yet still seeing apps/features via Kibana

Please advise.

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Was this set on all Elasticsearch node/s? Were these node/s then restarted for this modification to propagate?


all settings are Kibana's settings, not elasticsearch.

I was able to disable other apps/features without modifying any elasticsearch nodes, why not those two?

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Looking at this: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/6.2/settings-xpack-kb.html
You are absolutely correct!

I just tested this on Stack version 6.2.3, Kibana and it worked. What version are you running?


I'm running 6.2.3 as well:

# grep -Ei '(xpack.apm.ui.enabled|xpack.grokdebugger.enabled|xpack.searchprofiler.enabled)' docker-compose.override.yml 
                                - XPACK_APM_UI_ENABLED=false
                                - XPACK_GROKDEBUGGER_ENABLED=false
                                - XPACK_SEARCHPROFILER_ENABLED=false

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Fancy trying with:

- 'xpack.apm.ui.enabled=false'
- 'xpack.grokdebugger.enabled=false'
- 'xpack.searchprofiler.enabled=false'


Okay, I still don't understand why it isn't working for me nor what can I do, to make it work...



(Tim Vernum) #9

The xpack.apm.ui.enabled setting is not currently supported in the docker image. I've raised an issue to fix this.

You should get a similar result to what you're after by using xpack.apm.enabled instead.

For the GrokDebugger and SearchProfiler, can you confirm exactly what you're seeing and what you're expecting to see?
I haven't been able to reproduce your issue, and I just wanted to check we're looking at the same thing.


I apologize for delay response...


Changing XPACK_APM_UI_ENABLED=false to XPACK_APM_ENABLED=false - did the trick! thanks!

Dev Tools:

# egrep -i 'xpack_(grokdebugger|searchprofiler)_enabled'  docker-compose.override.yml 
                        - XPACK_GROKDEBUGGER_ENABLED=false
                        - XPACK_SEARCHPROFILER_ENABLED=false

I confirm on 6.2.4 (using Docker) Dev Tools still there, even though I set flag to false.

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