Darktrace integration

Hi there,

Currently I am using splunk for monitoring log. For consolidation reasons we like to migrate this to elastic. I am confident this will work in most cases, but one thing I am not so sure off.
Splunk has an great integration with Darktrace. I cannot find anything about integration of Darktrace with Elastic. What is the best approach for this?

kind regards
Pim Bos

Hi @Pim_Bos, while we don't currently have an integration with Darktrace, it's only our roadmap and we're aiming to being work on it shortly. You can view the relevant issue here: Darktrace · Issue #2754 · elastic/integrations · GitHub

I'd really like to understand how you're currently leveraging the Splunk integration, to ensure that we capture those use cases. I'll reach out to you offline to discuss.

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