Help - elastic integration

Hope I'm in the right place - yesterday I fumbled through installing the elastic stack, setup an agent, a fleet server (all on the same server)
So far installed - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Metricsbeat. I've got into the Kibana portal, setup the basics, created another user that kind of thing.
I've also installed 2 integrations - sonicwall, and vmware vsphere... I pointed syslog from vsphere at the port listed in the integration settings which is udp port 9525, I disabled the TCP side as I'm not sending logs with TCP.
I don't seem to be receiving anything and I really don't know what to do, the instructions I can find are very sparse.
Any help on this subject would be appreciated (I have the syslog from vcenter pointed at graylog server also - which is receiving fine)

maybe it's the SDK side that I'm missing? assuming I need to have a module in vsphere running for that? or plugin - something along those lines.
Sonicwall integration was smooth, working great

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