Elastic agent integration stuck on upgrade | fleet affected

any idea how to stop the update process or update it properly

Do you have a proxy between Kibana and the Internet? What shows up in your Kibana logs?

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I'm not sure if I understood what you meant by proxy here.
but FYI
this ELK is not publicly available on the internet. Also, there are some public servers sending logs to this but their IPs are added as an exception.
Any effect due to these settings?
Other Integrations get updated but this one gives an error.

Also, Is Elastic agent Integration really necessary?
There's another Fleet policy I created for a Window server and that policy doesn't have Elastic Agent Integration and the logs and everything's working fine for that agent/server/policy.

Any updates?

Hi sorry for the delay, i had PTO

Do you still have an issue?

What i'm asking about is any network proxies between your kibana instance and the Internet (as Kibana may need to reach out to our package registry in order to download artifacts unless you are hosting your own).

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