[ERROR][plugins.fleet] Failed to fetch latest version

Hello everyone I have the same error that is shown in this closed post: (Fleet server loading slowly)

Internet access goes through a proxy, but throwing curl to said URL responds without problems.

Also added this info

Jun 02 14:53:19 pv1plnxelk0003 kibana[17315]: [2023-06-02T14:53:19.057-03:00][ERROR][plugins.fleet] Failed to fetch latest version of elastic_agent from registry: Error connecting to package registry: request to https://epr.elastic.co/search?package=elastic_agent&prerelease=false&kibana.version=8.8.0 failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

add in the environment variables the following, but nothing changes.


Thank you in advance.

I can't believe this doesn't have a solution.

with this I am solved
xpack.fleet.registryProxyUrl: your-nat-gateway.corp.net

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