Fleet server loading slowly

Hi, I came across a strange issue. My Fleet server is permamently loading. After ten minutes it pops up but there are other issues. This is what I see for 4 - 10 minutes every time:

My Elastick stack is v 8.5.1.

The machine is not overoccupied. This is the result of "top command":

And the disk space is also ok:

This is the command i used to enroll fleet server:

 sudo ./elastic-agent install --url=https://******:8220 --fleet-server-es=https://*******:9200 --fleet-server-service-token=******** --fleet-server-policy=fleet-server-policy certificate-authorities=/etc/elasticsearch/ca/ca.crt --fleet-server-es-ca=/etc/elasticsearch/ca/ca.crt --fleet-server-cert=/etc/elasticsearch/instance/instance.crt --fleet-server-cert-key=/etc/elasticsearch/instance/instance.key --insecure

And even if it loads, the problem is that i have enrolled agents. But when I want to add any integration (Integrations also load forever):

and when i choose an integration there is no "add integration" button but there is an instruction how to install filebeat or metricbeat:

Just like it wouldnt see any fleet server or any agents. But they are there and they are healthy. All of the agents have ca.crt added to trusted root authorirites. I just cannot find any solution to it. Thank you in advance.

Are you running on-prem and the hosts do not have direct Internet access?

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