Fleet Server

Hello everyone,

when trying to enroll my fleet server (which is on the same time and IP as the elasticsearch and kibana) i encounter the following errors. know that this sits behind a proxy so could potentially be that as an issue.

Failed to fetch the latest version of fleet_server from registry: Error connecting to package registry: request to https://epr.elastic.co/search?package=fleet_server&prerelease=true&kibana.version=8.8.2 failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

Hi, is this an air-gapped environment? This documentation could help:


Thank you for your reply, it is not, however i have sorted the issue and its not an Elastic Issue.

I had to change / remove the /etc/environment proxy settings to allow this to work.

This would make sense and redirect the http/https requests to a proxy rather than directly to the ES / fleet server.

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