Fleet integrations page failing to load

On three separate clusters in three different parts of the world everything is functioning fine except the ability to fully load the integrations page- it seems like whatever it needs to do to reach out to the central repo is failing.

Is the central repo down right now?

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Can you curl the endpoint?


Looks up to me

It seems to be a new issue, I would like to inform you that this error meant usually no access to package registry. I used to resolve this using the air gapped configuration.

but now with version 8.10.2 its not working for me, I noticed that security > alerts > manage rules is failling to load also.

Hi @A_Abdellah

Apologies, but there is not enough information to help with.

Perhaps upgrade to 8.10.4?

Or open a detailed issue against the repo, with the detailed steps / screenshots etc.


I was able to trace the problem and learn about Elasticsearch.

The Integrations loaded on said page are done directly from your computer to the elastic repo, NOT from Kibana or the Elasticsearch cluster, etc.

As it turns out, I was having corporate VPN issues, and when not using that source, all three clusters loaded their respective Integrations pages properly.

I hope this helps others that run into a similar conundrum.

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