Question regarding updates for Elastic Agents managed by Fleet

Dear all

We have a few locations managed by Fleet with the use of Agent Policies.
In the fleets section, I can see the status of the agents, its version and also if there is a newer version available.

I see currently on the web that the newest version is 8.4.0 (from August 22), but Fleet does not show me that version as an avaialble upgrade.
In fact, I dont even see earlier versions such as 8.3.x.

Do you know how that functionality works? How does fleet knows about the newer versions (does the agent get those details from the web?)
I did not find any documentation link for that subject, if I missed that and you have one please let me know.

BR Hugo

Hi Hugo,

What is your current Kibana version? You have to upgrade Kibana to be able to upgrade to the newer Agent versions: Upgrade Fleet-managed Elastic Agents | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.4] | Elastic

Hi Julia, thanks for the hint. I did the Dev tools command (Stackoverflow Kibana Version

and got a version below 8.3.x However, I dont see the name "Kibana" on that. So is that my kibana version?

BR Hugo

Yes, that is the elasticsearch version, which is usually the same as kibana. You can check the kibana version on the UI under Stack Management menu.

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