Elastic Agents don't see upgrade available in Kibana


My Elastic Agents are currently at 8.11.0 but they don't seem to see that there is 8.11.1 so I am unable to upgrade them using Kibana. It was the same way when they were still at version 8.10.x and version 8.11.0 was already released so I resorted to using command line to upgrade all of them. Does anyone know why? Thanks!

It is not supported, currently the max version you can upgrade through the Fleet UI is the same as the Kibana version, including the patch version, so to upgrade an Agent to 8.11.1 through the Fleet UI, you would need to upgrade both Elasticsearch and Kibana to the same patch version.

I had the same issue on version 8.10.X and opened this issue on Github, it seems that in a future version the upgrade will be pinned to the major.minor version only, at the moment they are pinned down to the patch version, major.minor.patch.

Thanks for the reply. However, my Elasticsearch and Kibana is the same version as the latest Elastic Agent which is 8.11.1. Is there some steps that I'm missing?

If the rest of the stack is on 8.11.1, then the option to upgrade an agent should be available in Fleet.

How did you install the agents? What operating system are they?

Hi @leandrojmp, I installed using the instructions generated on Kibana when adding a new agent. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

But you used the .tar.gz package or the .deb package?

If you used the .tar.gz package then the upgrade should be available and this may be a issue that you need to report on Github.

Hi @leandrojmp,

Yes, I used .tar.gz. I think I'll just create an Ansible playbook to do the upgrade in that case.

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