Fleet Server is Not Healthy

I am getting the error, and becuase of that I can't add any agent.. what is causing the error. and How do i Resolve it. Is it becuause of the SSL certificate ?

Hello @Coder_HK,

What version are you running?
Is this a self-managed deployment?
Can you see the fleet-server logs?
What does elastic-agent status show?

Hi, MichealLaterman, First of all I love ELK but the errors and my inability makes me hate it sometimes. but I'm sure one day I'll be working with you in Elastic team. anyways back to the question..

The version is 8.5.3
Yes it's self managed deployment
where can I see fleet server logs ??
and finally, yes the elastic agents are also unhealthy. I don't know why. they were fine for two weeks and then suddenly they bacame unhealthy. and Don't know the reason

I don't know where to look for Fleet server logs, secondly is fleet server policy different that agent policy ??

I have one more issue as well. I have added Auditd integration everything went well without error but I am not getting the Auditd logs in Kibana.

If you are still having an issue, the fleet-server logs are found with the agent logs: Installation layout | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.6] | Elastic

What's the error message that the agent gives when attempting to enroll?

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