Dashboard access privileges

I have created dashboards and visualizations. I added privileges as read, view_index_metadata, write to one index let it be index1* and added a user user1.
I added user2 to index2
When I'm logging in as user1, then I'm able to access other user dashboards(user2's) and able to edit and delete even when the data is not displaying of user2.
When I remove write as privilege, then I get this message
Dashboard: action [indices:data/write/index] is unauthorized for user [user1]: [security_exception] action [indices:data/write/index] is unauthorized for user [user1]

I want to edit only my index dashboard, but not others.

What you're hoping for will be accomplished via Spaces (see https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/21408), which I believe is currently targeted for Kibana 6.5.

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