Dashboard and visualization showing No results found, but Discover page shows data

Hello team,
I am using Elastic Stack 5.2.2, I have been able to parse logs from Suricata to Logstash and Elasticsearch which displays in the Kibana Discover page as seen below:

But whenever I go to the Dashboard tab and insert the Visualization I want, I do not get any data found or showing.

Please can you kindly help me resolve this or tell me what to do :pray: I have been on this setup for nearly 3 days now... :frowning:

Hi @D3epDiv3r First Version 5.2 is soooo Old and EOL you are probably not going to get much help

Elastic Stack on 8.5.1. and this would probably all work out OOTB for you using the suricata module

If you are just getting started with Elastic this would be a much better option / approach

But the little help I can offer... because you did not show any details

You parsed the data in Logstash?, where did you get the dashboards and mappings?

Did you create a template / mapping?

Most likely the Dashboards are not using the same fields / field names / field types.. that you mapped ... so if you open / edit one of the visualizations you should be able to see that.

Maybe it is not even using the correct index?

Most likely you did not create a mapping so the fields are using the default mapping which creates 2 types a text and a keyword type and the visualization is not looking at the right fields.

Example your


really probably is a multi-field

stats.decode.bytes which is of type text <!--- Probably what the viz is looking for but is the wrong type.
stats.decode.bytes.keyword which is of type keyword which is probably the right type but not what this viz is looking for

Me I would get up to date 8.5.1 and use the filebeat module direct to Elasticsearch
Use the quick start for modules and get this all running much faster.

Hey yeah, the issue was with the map and timelines, I had to parse new logs to logstash and max the timeline to 5 years then it showed the data needed! Thank you!

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