Dashboard based on data from 2 indexes


I want to create a Dashboard with a table thats showing me every url that does not a specific value in another field.

So basically i have 2 indexes:

Alert index:

  "url": "sometemplateurl.com"

Lookup Index:
 "Lookedup-Url": "sometemplateurl.com",
 "Attributea": "test"

The resulting table should show all alert urls that do not have attributea with the value "test". I can't use directly the Lookuptable for that, because I need the difference of Alerts - Lookup.

Is there a way to achive this?
Hope you can help me out.

Best Regards.

Since Elasticsearch query joins are limited, I don't think you can achieve this directly in Kibana without a denormalization process. For this you could use the enrich processor to transfer fields from your look-up index into your alert index.

Ok, thank you for your advice I will try it this way.

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