Dashboard Metricbeat Zookeeper missing

I try deploy elk kibana , but the dashboard metricbeat was missing .
Metricbeat version 6.4
And Here I paste my screen .

Here list modules:


Here my elk

Hi @sicute,

Could you please detail what was the expected behavior or what's the missing dashboard?

hi @exekias

Thanks for quick respond .

  1. I deployment new server elk ( Elasticsearch (6.4) , kibana 6.4 ).
    Following https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack/current/installing-elastic-stack.html
  2. Then I deploy metricbeat 6.4 as documentation in server zookeeper , I want monitor.
    in zookeeper after finish installed metricbeat 6.4 I check there was no modules exist ( /etc/metricbeat/modules/ , I looking deep the modules was put in /usr/share/metricbeat/ ok than I copy folder modules to /etc/metricbeat/ and activate zookeeper .
  3. I test running metricbeat setup -e and can communicate with kibana , I test output there was success show zookeeper log mntr.
    3.I check in our kibana server in menu discover, there was some data zookeeper then I check the dashboard metricbeat there was no zookeeper dashboard like I screen shoot .

so the question how to make zookeeper metricbeat show in dashboard , do I need update template dashboard or anything else.


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