Some visualisations does not show data in [Metricbeat Zookeeper] Overview dasboard in kibana

I have loaded metricbeat dashboards in kibana.In [Metricbeat Zookeeper] Overview dashboard, Packets received / sent section does not display any data. I am unable to figure out why it is happening. All other visualisations are displaying data as expected.

My configuration for zookeeper module in metricbeat.yml is given below:

- module: zookeeper
      period: '${PERIOD:60s}'
      hosts: '${ZK_HOSTS:zookeeper:2181}'
        - "mntr"
        - "server"
      enabled: '${ZK_ENABLED:true}'
      - drop_fields:   # yamllint disable-line
          fields: ["zookeeper.server.version_date"]

In Discover tab, when I view the records of metricbeat index, I can clearly see the entries for zookeeper that contain zookeeper.mntr.packets.received and zookeeper.mntr.packets.sent data but my visualisation Packets received / sent in dashboard is not displaying it. Can anyone tell me how can I fix this issue ?

I believe the issue is that you are zoomed in too far, and that prevents these visualizations from calculating the derivative. Let's assume that you are collecting data every 30 seconds, but displaying data at 10 second intervals: this will prevent the derivative calculation from working. You need to increase your time interval to 30 seconds or more so that the points become sequential.

This is part of the TSVB FAQ:

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