Dashboard setup fails: Unable to bulk_create index-pattern


I have encountered the same problem as the user in this post.

I configured metricbeat and filebeat with the kibana_system user. Should I create a new user that runs as a kibana_system user and add some rights? Which if so?

The template has been set up correctly but the dashboard does not want to work.

I am on ELK and KIB ver 7.16


I finally resolved my issue by temporarily changing the user to "elastic" with the necessary password (or any user with superuser permissions) then running the agent again with the -setup option.


I have done that on the test server but do not want to be forced to do this on production.

I have made a new user. Gave privilege inherit from the elastic user but still the same outcome.

I was missing "kibana_admin" inheritance. Not it works.

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