Dashboard User only role can't log into Kibana


I want to provide user access only to Dashboards. So created a new user through the Management--> User only with the role cabin_dashboard_only_user. Saved and logged out. I tried to login using that new user account, I couldn't login to Kibana. I am getting this error "Oops! Error. Try again."

Am I missing any setting in configuration files? Anyone has idea?


This is how dashboard_only mode should be set up. https://www.elastic.co/blog/kibana-dashboard-only-mode
If the error still persists, could you clear the cache?

Yes, I also created a use granting the role cabin_dashboard_user_only. But when checking the kibana_dashboard_user_only, It looks nn-editable. I logged in as a elastic user something like i attached. Even didn't see the Save and Cancel buttons. Why? Kibana_User_Role


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