Dashboard with link to hostnames

I want to create a dashboard on kibana containing the VM names and its properties as a table and on clicking any VM names opens a child dashboard pertaining to that VM.
I have the data for VMs and its properties in elastic search under an index pattern.
My VM information looks like below. This information i pass to elastic search in json format. And i would like to show this information as is on the dashboard


Please let me know how i can put this information on dashboard as a table.


I do not believe there is a way to do this yet.

There is an existing enhancement request for this functionality. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12560

Thanks for the response.
Any idea when this will be available?
Is there any other option currently. I see metricbeat doing it in some way. The system overview page has links when i click on a hostname. How can i achieve that ?


The System Overview dashboard includes a Markdown visualization called System Navigation. Static links can be created in Markdown.

When you double click on a hostname in the System Overview dashboard the global filter is modified to only show events from that host. This filter persists in other dashboards (i.e. Containers) opened by clicking the links on the System Overview dashboard.

Hi nickpeihl, thanks for the response. I would want to create a similar setup. Please share any link which can help me create markdown visualisations similar to metricbeat.


I suggest you open the "System Navigation [Metricbeat System]" visualization in Kibana and start from there. This and other visualizations get installed in Kibana automatically when you follow the Metricbeat starting guide.

You can also refer to the Markdown documentation in the Kibana User Guide.

Thank you.. l will check these options

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