Dashboards are Failing Users for LDAP Users

I installed x-pack across all the nodes on my ELK cluster, and also enabled Security with LDAP, and provided Kibana dashboard only roles for all the users in LDAP.
When I login thru elastic user Id, Am able to see the data on the dashboard, but when I login with the LDAP user Id, I see the below error message.

The request for this panel failed.
The aggregations key is missing from the response, check your permissions for this request.

Also, I had ran the kibana dashboard API request across all the nodes, and the response from all the nodes are same as below:


Please let me know to how to resolve this issue. Thanks !

It looks like you're only granting the kibana_dashboard_only_user role, but not granting access to the underlying data.

Kibana pulls in all data from Elasticsearch using the logged-in user's identity - they need to also be granted a role that gives them read access to the indices that power the dashboards.

See step 5 here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/6.2/using-kibana-with-security.html


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