Dashboards buggy aftar upgrade


After upgrading our full stack to 6.2 some of the default dashboards seems broken. Eg. this default metricbeat deshboard

As you can see the Top N Visual Builder visualization for disk and cpu usage is showing just 0% for all nodes. Same goes for a lot of the other visualizations that come with the package.

Any suggestions what has gone wrong?

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What version did you upgrade from? In the 5.x to 6.x upgrade doc the beats team recommends re-importing the default dashboards and suggests that the old ones might not work anymore (breaking change).


Upgraded from 6.0 to 6.2 Thingstad wire fine in 6.0

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Hmm, can you give the re-import a shot?


Deleted all dashboards searches and visualizations related to metricbeat and re-imported the package... but it is still the same? Any ideas?


Another update on this. Seems this is just happening for some users. However the buggy graphs are same on different browsers for users that sees the problem.

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