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WE are having multiple customer data flowing into elasticsearch and we do have different dashboards for different customer, i have few questions on this situation,

  1. Is there a way to restrict customer1 to view only his dashboards and customer2 users can view only their dashboards. Is this type of restriction possible

  2. In case i want to change the kibana logo, for different customer login a different logo should be there, is this possible?

We are using elasticsearch version 6.5.3


Dashboard data restrictions
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  1. Yes you can do this you can restrict to "spaces", but you need an xpack subscription.

  2. Don't think so at this moment.

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Hi Lewis,

We do have an xpack subscription can you provide some points or direct me to docs on how to achieve the same.


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Use X-Pack security and spaces to sort dashboards and make only viewable to certain groups.


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Thank you @Eniqmatic it worked, i'm able to restrict the users by assigning the spaces.

I was exploring "kibana_dashboard_only_user" where in its helpfull to get rid of the other modules in the left side pane other than the dashboard tab.

One problem i'm facing there is if i assign tat role to a user may be left pane is empty but it has access to other spaces,

if i restrict to the spaces then the left side modules will be available.

Is there any way where in i get rid of leftside modules and restrict to single space.


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There is, if you go to the role and then at the bottom you see spaces. Set the "all" to none then add the space you want and set it to read or all. This will restrict the user to only seeing one space.

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