Data is not loading on "Defining Your Index Patterns" page

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I followed Loading Sample Data Link to load the sample data in my ELK Stack and the data is loaded in the stack with indices but when I follow the new steps shown on the Defining Your Index Patterns link, and I go the Management >> Index Patterns tab I can't see the data that I just loaded.

I am able to see the data in the indices and the count in monitoring tool, here is the SS

Below is the details of the data:

curl -X GET -u elastic "localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v"Enter host password for user 'elastic':
health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.05.15 lbcS-COCT0yC4GFj96Ks4g 1 0 4001 290 4.4mb 4.4mb
green open .kibana r9Y_ZIb9RpWwdn8Fby_WdA 1 0 1 0 4kb 4kb
yellow open logstash-2015.05.20 KH_10IfeTsSroZuHceE0gA 5 1 4750 0 23.9mb 23.9mb
yellow open logstash-2015.05.18 6xsDsF3rRGuox3LOHyhYIQ 5 1 4631 0 24mb 24mb
yellow open logstash-2015.05.19 A2c0WCMlSCGwBFqQtojf2g 5 1 4624 0 23.2mb 23.2mb
yellow open shakespeare ylfrJoRMSt6VoaafJ_8rmQ 5 1 111396 0 22mb 22mb
green open .security-6 sP7MdVnUTLuz-3ka4ANBng 1 0 3 0 9.8kb 9.8kb
yellow open bank 5WULxtYFQyquzb8DzSWsXw 5 1 1000 0 475.1kb 475.1kb
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2018.05.15 9tKCzUbMRt6NR8-WRrKwZA 1 0 199 0 301.1kb 301.1kb
green open .watcher-history-7-2018.05.15 PJstVjC7SyKDYlDJ7pf9RQ 1 0 292 0 533.4kb 533.4kb
green open .monitoring-alerts-6 P2nh2yiJSkS97JpJ9_wwtw 1 0 3 1 24.5kb 24.5kb
green open .watches 6235xSDdR1evqA5xtE-pWA 1 0 6 0 48.4kb 48.4kb
green open .triggered_watches 5MSLZar1Ty6Zz9yku-WytA 1 0 0 0 27.5kb 27.5kb

Thanks in advance!

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From the screenshot I see that you have logged in as user kibana . Does this user have access/required privileges to see to the index you created?
From the cURL request, I see that you are cURLing as elastic user and hence seeing all the indices. What happens when you cURL as kibana user ? Which version is this ?


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Hi Rashmi,

Thanks for writing.

How do I check (and add if necessary) the access/required privilages to see the index?

I tried logging in using the elastic user but it shows, signed in as Kibana and I still can't see the indices.

What am I doing wrong here?

I have added new user using following curl call, still I cant see the indices for getting the data.

curl -XPOST -u elastic 'localhost:9200/_xpack/security/user/ingestadmin' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
"password" : "tudip123",
"full_name" : "Ingest Admin",
"email" : "",
"roles" : [ "ingest_admin" ]

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