Data not available from all machines

Everything was working fine with ELK. Suddenly facing few issues.

We have 4 different machine running logstash, and shipping data to elasticsearch running in different machine on same network. Issue are as below,

1.In kibana, not able to view data from 3 machines, evrything is working fine before. Now only one machine data is visible on kibana.
2.In Kibana when i do monitoring particular field, and tried to sort that, receiving error as
Failed to execute [] lastShard [true],nested: IllegalStateException[Field data loading is forbidden on [jobid]];,Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Field data loading is forbidden on [jobid]

Is this because of an upgrade of one or more applications in the stack, or this just suddenly happened?

Hi Thomas,

No upgrade in the stack, was using Kibana 4.5.1, logstash 2.3.1, elasticsearch 2.3.3.

Suddenly for last few days facing this problem.

Hi Pravin,

Thanks for confirming. This issue doesn't ring a bell to me. Since (2) sounds like an ES error, I would suggest to move the discussion to the ES forum ( for now.

Perhaps this is an issue with Kibana, but it may be helpful to get some feedback from the ES folks first about what could be triggering this error. If this proves to be a bug in Kibana, I would open a ticket in github (


Hi Thomas,

Thanks a lot. Have moved the same to Elasticsearch category..