Data Snapshot of ES 1.5.2 on Google Cloud Storage

We are using ElasticSearch 1.5.2 version on production. On daily basis we take backup of data on Amazon S3 using plugin
We are moving form AWS to Google cloud so we need to take backup of data on GCS(Google Cloud Storage).

There is support of GCS in ElasticSearch 5.0.0.alpha4 version (Reference But I am not able to find anything for ES 1.5.2 version.

Please let me know how we can take data backup in ES 1.5.2 on GCS(Google Cloud Storage).

Plugin does not exist before 5.0.
I heard about some people using S3 compatible API. Never tested though.

Thanks for quick response!!

Could you please share more details about S3 compatible API which can be used for this?

Also I found another plugin GCE Cloud plugin (Reference: for older versions of ES. Can we use this plugin for data backup to GCS(Google cloud storage)?


Here is a link which might help: Migrating from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud