Data Table multiple fields

I have data table with multiple fields.
I'm trying to show only unique value of one of my fields.
I red a lot about this problem and saw "bucket split" answers but I don't have this feature on my elastic 8.6.2

I want to display only unique values of the IP in this example,
and the last version of this IP I displayed.
this is a log that will have a row of every deployed version, I want to display a simple version control that have a row of every IP and displays the last version on it.

Hi @shayme,

welcome to the Kibana community.
In your table I see the IP are duplicated due to the multiple environments.
Ideally what's the final result of the table you'd like to see? To understand your expectations.


Though I don't understand your intension of env field,
"Last value" for Metrics does not solve the problem?

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