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I want to create a table where I display top values for multiple fields
What I currently have:

This would be fine if I'd only two fields, however I intend to use more (+8) and having a column for each is not the desired solution
With this being said, is it possible to have only 2 columns where the first display the values for the various fields, and the second one the count of instances for that same values

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Hey in Lens table you can have top values for multiple different fields (up to 4)

This is available from 8.1+ [Lens] Add Multi terms support to Top Values by dej611 · Pull Request #118600 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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I believe we may have different versions of Elastic, mine is v7.11.2 and looks a bit different than yours.

When I go Lens -> Data Table this is what I see:

I dont have the option to select more than one field. What I can do it's to break it down by configuration but the outcome is not satisfactory, as it shown in the image from the initial post

Do you think this is related with my version of Elastic?

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Yes unfortunately as I mentioned above the mutlifields support is available from 8.1 and above

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