Kibana repeats data in a table

Hello I have an error when displaying data from a table in kibana, what happens is that the data is repeated and does not show me real data.

and in the discover if it shows me the correct data:

These duplicates are coming from your multiple 'split rows' under buckets. This means you are getting a row for every unique combination of Sysname, interfaces... etc. You may want to limit your 'split rows' buckets to one, and use the top_hit metric to add any extra columns you may want.

Let me know if this helps!

ok, how can I do it or is there any documentation to review in order to do it?

You could look into Data Table | Kibana Guide [6.8] | Elastic, but it's for an older version, so it may not be completely accurate.

You could also try Lens Lens | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic which has a table setting and may be a bit more user-friendly.

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