Data Table Visualization from different documents

I am trying to create a data table visualization in Kibana 6.6.2 - but my problem is that I am getting the values for the table from different documents.

Say that I have one document which has an event field = event_A_Start
A subsequent document with event field = event_A_end
and if I have 4 events - A, B, C, D - there are documents which given the Start and End logs.

I am using a Top Hit metric to get the timestamp of the last event_A_Start and end, but my problem is that I need the table to display the latest timestamps of all events

start Timestamp of A end Timestamp of A start Timestamp of B end Timestamp of B and so on

But because these values are in different documents, I am not able to figure out a way in which to display the values in a single data table. Just wondering if there is some way of doing this ?

Could you provide a screenshot of what you've got? Seems like if you do top hits, selecting the @timestamp field, then split rows by event, you should have something close to what you're suggesting.