Data table with time shift

Hi, I'm using Kibana 8.4. I am trying to make a visualization (in particular a data table) where I can view documents that I do not have in a timestamp but which are present in the timestamp of the previous day. I tried with lens through differences of timestamp with time shift however since some columns that I would like to view of the data table are in string format, Kibana makes me insert them only as filters given the use of time shift but in doing so given the multitude of data that I should view it is not can make this display as I would like. Do you have any advice?

Hey there,

if it's only about viewing the documents from the previous day in a dashboard, maybe you could simply change the time range for this visualization?

no, I have to view the documents that I don't have in the reference day. For example, today I have 10 documents and yesterday I had 15 documents, I would like to view the 5 documents miss (today and yesterday are of course in my example a reference day in the timestamp and the day before).

Kibana visualizations work on aggregated data so it's not possible to view the not aggregated documents in the table (that's what discover is for). But I don't think your request is possible unless someone else has an idea?

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