Data Visualizer with Grok pattern


I want to import a log file using Data Visualizer. The first few lines are as follows:

Aug 4 12:05:25 gavin daemon.notice openvpn[843]: TCP/UDP: Closing socket
Aug 4 12:05:25 gavin daemon.notice openvpn[843]: SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting
Aug 4 12:05:25 gavin daemon.notice openvpn[843]: Restart pause, 5 second(s)

The initial load fails to recognise the structure, so I tried the overide settings with Grok of
basically just to get a date and the rest of the message.

Unfortunately, it won't pickup the Time Field in the later dropdown or determine the file structure thereafter. It will identify the fields in the Dev Tools > Grok debugger

Any thoughts please?

Are you saying the grok pattern fails? Is the field timestamp in your data. Is that field selected in your index pattern as the time field?

Try this pattern if the grok pattern is the issue but what you have should work.

(?<timestamp>%{MONTH} %{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}) %{GREEDYDATA:myText}

Most likely I think you have an issue with your mapping.

Hi Aaron,
I'm trying to load from Data Visualizer > Visualize data from a log file, so no mappings are defined yet. I still get the "x File structure cannot be determined" even after providing the Grok. From the "Apply override settings" control box I can't get it to pickup that the Grok declares a field to use as timestamp.

Ahh. By structure I think it's talking about the structure of the file. I think you fall under the last category but I would ensure the file is structured properly.

Delimited text files, such as CSV and TSV
Newline-delimited JSON
Log files with a common format for the timestamp

If not are you able to share the file using gist?

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