Data visulization Elasticsearch and d3.js

I would like to make different kinds of graph using elasticsearch , AngularJS and D3.js .

i have elaticsearch server in my local machine http://localhost:9200
, index name is nfl. i want to make graph based on data from
elasticsearch index. I was trying to follow example mentioned in
. but it's not working . may be i am missing something . I am looking
some help to make this work.

there are steps mentioned in requirement :
2. d3.v3.js, or include the D3 source in a script tag in the html
3. require.js (save file as require.js)
4. nfl_2013.json and nfl_mapping.json (download)
5. a text editor
6. a webserver

there is no description for step 6 (webserver) , I am using nodeJS ,
but request is not reaching to my elasticsearch server , does it need
package.json also ?

It would be nice if you can explain project configuration in more details .

project structure is like this


  - -d3.v3.js


There is no need of package.json ?