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Maybe I'm confused about something (usually am) but I've noticed when trying to use the Shakespeare sample data to get an idea of how to do visualizations, the 'Options' tab is not there for me to use to group the bar chart like the example says to.

What am I doing wrong?


According to the document it says click Pie chart visualization. And I do see options tab in it as shown below :slight_smile:

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That's not for the same dataset...

scroll down please. I'm talking about the grouped bar chart example below it.

where it says:

"Click New and select Vertical bar chart."

I agree that the options tab shows in some visualizations; why not for the bar chart like the documentation says?

This has changed between 5>6 and it looks like a lag in the documentation.

However you shouldn't need to use the Option tab here. Have you done the next step, #4?

To show the different plays long the x-axis, select the X-Axis buckets type, select Terms from the aggregation list, and choose play_name from the field list. To list them alphabetically, select Ascending order. You can also give the axis a custom label, Play Name.

That's great, thanks a lot.

Just wondering though; does this mean there is currently no way to group the bars rather than stack them?

I'm not seeing the grouping you mention in the docs sorry?
Do you mean a stacked chart?

In the same page:

"3. Click Options and change the Bar Mode to grouped."

there doesn't seem to be a place to do this in the newest version

Oh right, dunno how I missed that sorry!

Ok so in the Metrics & Axes tab under Metrics, change the Mode.

No problem! Thanks a lot. I'm sure I could have found this stuff on my own too but I felt crazy when I checked the documentation, it said recent version, and I couldn't find what it was talking about!

Have a good day.

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